A Patient's Guide to Eczema
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Eczema Self Care:
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Mild Cleansers For Eczema Skin

When you have eczema, you should avoid soaps, especially bar soaps, even ‘moisturizing soaps’ as they will cause dry skin and may damage the skin barrier. Only mild soap-free cleansers, preferably liquid, should be used. Liquid cleansers such as the examples listed below, should be used on the face and entire body long term. These cleansers will gently remove dirt, excess oil, bacteria and cosmetics without damaging the skin barrier.

Examples Of Mild Cleansers:

  • AVEENO® Bathing Gel
  • Spectro Jel and Spectro Derm
  • Spectro Kids EczemaCare Body Wash
  • Cetaphil
  • Lipikar Syndet
  • Seaquanil
  • Emulsifying ointment

Please visit the Mild Cleanser website and learn all about how mild cleansers work, when to use mild cleansers, what to avoid, and much more.

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