A Patient's Guide to Eczema
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What Else Looks Like Eczema

Nummular Dermatitis
It is a chronic recurring rash that seem to occur in the drier, colder months. The lesions are usually round, disk-like plaques or patches of very dry skin.

Hand Eczema - Hand Dermatitis
This is a very common occurring in about 10% of women and 4% of men. It can be very itchy.

Subtypes of Hand Dermatitis
Subtypes of hand dermatitis: contact dermatitis (irritant or allergic), dyshidrotic eczema, hyperkeratotic dermatitis, atopic hand dermatitis.

Lichen Simplex Chronicus
This is a localized itchy, well defined eruption. It usually starts with small papules that join together to become plaques. The chronic nature of this condition can be troubling.

Contact Dermatitis
Contact dermatitis can be either irritant or allergic. Irritant dermatitis is usually mild. There is some erythema. Micro-vesiculation of tiny blisters can be seen although this is not as prominent as an allergic dermatitis.

Allergic Dermatitis
This can be mild and have features similar to irritant dermatitis. More severe reactions will produce blisters, redness and swelling.

Occupational Contact Dermatitis
Allergic contact dermatitis is common in certain occupations.

Sunscreen Allergies
Allergies to sunscreen are seen. These can be irritant, allergic, or photo-allergic.

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